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How to identify the good or bad about sweet potato vermicelli?

In winter, there are not as many kinds of food in market as there are in summer. At the seam time, the sweet Potato vermicelli has been made, and shows the charm of food.
The characteristic of sweet potato vermicelli:  Yellow color and Crisp.

 The other way is Light a vermicelli. The good one will be burned and ash will break in a pinch without hard things. The good one is crisp, but the bad one is mixed edible adhesive.  

The best season to make sweet potato vermicelli, and it is also a selling season. In the market, there are many retailer selling sweet potato vermicelli. It will be a question that how to identify the good or bad about sweet potato vermicelli in different price?

We can identity good or bad of sweet potato vermicelli from appearance. The best sweet potato vermicelli is hand-made, uneven thickness, and color is slightly yellow. If the color of sweet potato vermicelli is white and even thickness, it will be made by machine, and may mix the other things.


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