Qualifications the dealer requires

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  • Qualified as an independent legal person
  • Has your own full-time sales team, with more than 3 people at the county level and more than 5 people at the prefecture level
  • Have more than 3 delivery vehicles
  • Have a good sales network and have experience
    Have a good sales network and have experience in successfully acting as a fast-moving consumer goods (food, beverage) brand
  • Have good capital and warehousing capabilities
    Have good capital and warehousing capabilities, special operating funds, more than 300,000 RMB in county-level markets, over 500,000 RMB in prefecture-level markets, and over 800,000 RMB in provincial capital markets
  • Acknowledge the company's brand
    Acknowledge the company's brand and company management philosophy, are willing to grow with the company, build long-term and stable relationships and form allies in strategic cooperation; have a good reputation and business ethics and have a service market awareness and cooperation spirit

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