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Nutritional value analysis:
1.Sweet potato noodles are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, hydrochloric acid and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and sodium.
2.Sweet potato fans have a good flavor, can absorb a lot of delicious soup taste, and the sweet potato vermicelli are soft and delicious, the real green vermilion also has most of the functions of sweet potato health.
3.Nutrition information:
Nutrition information:Carbohydrate 337.00 calories per 100 grams, 84.20 grams fat, 0.10 grams of protein 0.50 grams of fiber 0.60 grams of nicotinic acid (0.10 mg) of cholesterol (mg), magnesium (mg) 11.00 calcium zinc (mg), iron (mg) 35.00 5.20 (0.83 mg) copper (mg) 0.18 mn (mg) 0.16 k (mg) 18.00 p (23.00 mg) of sodium selenium (MCG) 2.18 9.60 (mg)

Vermicelli is one of the food made by starch. There is a famous dish loved by many people in Northeast China, that is cabbage with pork as well as bean starch vermicelli. The vermicelli can be made as wide and thin, round and flat.

Sweet Potato Vermicelli is one of vermicelli made by sweet potato. It always be used in harsh powder and malatang. Because the

Instant sweet potato noodles contain a large number of nutrients needed by the body. Each 500 grams of sweet potato is about can produce heat energy 635 kilocalorie, contain protein 11.5 grams, sugar 14.5 grams, fat 1 gram, phosphorus 100 milligrams, calcium 90 milligrams, iron content 2 grams, carrot 0.5 milligrams, also contain vitamin B1, B2, C and niacin, linoleic acid and so on. The content of vitamin B1, B2 and C is actually 6 times and 3 times higher than that of rice, especially sweet potato contains very rich lysine.But rice and flour lack lysine, which many people don’t realize.

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