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Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd./ China.

Sweet Potato Noodles Cake

Sweet potato starch, Water.

Seasoning sauce packet

Rapeseed oil , Chili, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Edible salt, Food additives(Sodium glutamate, capsanthin ),
Sesame, Shallot, Garlic, Edible essence(Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide), Spices(Star Anise powder,
Sichuan Pepper), Sesame oil.

Seasoning powder packet

Food additives(Sodium glutamate , Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide ) , Edible salt , Chili , Spices(Star
Anise powder, Sichuan Pepper).

Vinegar packet

Fermented vinegar (Water, Sorghum , Wheat bran, Barley, Pea , Edible salt), Soy sauce, Water , Edible salt .

Bean stick packet:
Dehydrated bean stick
Vegetable packet:
Dehydrated carrot slices, Dehydrated evergreen , Sesame, Dehydrated shallot
Peanut packet :
Pepper Peanut(Peanut, Sugar, Rapeseed oil-, Edible Salt , Chili , Spice-Star Anise powder, Spices￾Sichuan Pepper)

Sweet potato cake:
Sweet potato → Grinding → Refining starch → Beating → Mixing Powder → Forming →Cooling→ Packaging
Seasoning sauce packet:
Acceptance of raw materials → Frying at 165 ℃ for 5 minutes → Frying at 130 ℃ for 25 minutes→ Stirring → Cooling → Stirring → Constant temperature storage → Packaging.
Seasoning powder packet:
Acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials → Grinding → Stirring → Screening → Packaging
Vinegar packet:
Vinegar →Packaging → High temperature sterilization ( At 80℃ for 2 minutes)
Bean stick packet:
Non-GMO Soybean Flour → Extruded → Cut into Sections → Packaging
Vegetable packet:
Acceptance of vegetable raw materials → Clean → Blanching → Cutting into Slice → Drying →Stirring → Packaging
Peanut packet :
Frying ( At 120℃ for 10 minutes ) → Cooling → Mixing → Packaging

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