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Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd./ China.

Sweet Potato Noodles Cake

Sweet potato powder, Wheat flour, Rice, Potato powder, Water

Seasoning powder packet

Edible salt, Sugar, chili powder, spicy, Yeast extract, Food additives( Sodium glutamate, Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide,Disodium succinate)

Chili oil packet

Vegetable oil, Sesame, Chili, Spicy, Sesame sauce, Edible Essence, Food additive (Oleoresin

Soy sauce packet

Water, soy sauce, Seasoned soy sauce for seafood( soy sauce), Edible salt, Food additives(Sodium glutamate), Sugar.

Vegetable packet

Dehydrated shallot, Dehydrated green stem, Dehydrated carrot slices

Vermicelli is one of the food made by starch. There is a famous dish loved by many people in Northeast China, that is cabbage with pork as well as bean starch vermicelli. The vermicelli can be made as wide and thin, round and flat.

Sweet Potato Vermicelli is one of vermicelli made by sweet potato. It always be used in harsh powder and malatang. Because the palate is equally charming, yet powerful and structured. Sweet Potato Vermicelli has many ways to cook. Many people like to choose when they eat hot-pot. At present, there are many brand of the Sweet Potato Vermicelli. And how to choose the best Sweet Potato Vermicelli is becoming a question.

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