Real sweet potato vermicelli

Vermicelli is one of the food made by starch. There is a famous dish loved by many people in Northeast China, that is cabbage with pork as well as bean starch vermicelli. The vermicelli can be made as wide and thin, round and flat.

Sweet Potato Vermicelli is one of vermicelli made by sweet potato. It always be used in harsh powder and malatang. Because the palate is equally charming, yet powerful and structured. Sweet Potato Vermicelli has many ways to cook. Many people like to choose when they eat hot-pot. At present, there are many brand of the Sweet Potato Vermicelli. And how to choose the best Sweet Potato Vermicelli is becoming a question. Here are some tips can help you:

  1. Crisp-- Because the raw material has sweet potato starch, the Vermicelli will become crisp after drying, with a hand gently grasp broken, and not easy to return to the tide. The so-called pure sweet potato powder sold in the market will not be broken when it dried in the sun for 10 days, because they add edible glue.
  2. Color-- Because the quality of sweet potato starch are different, the color of Sweet Potato Vermicelli is various. And Some will be darker. Starch treatment will be a little white, but the sweet potato wide powder color overall is dark, sweet potato bright, especially after cooking more bright. As a rule of thumb, the sweet potato noodles are yellow, blue and real.There is also a class of white transparent is also true.
  3. Sweet Potato Vermicelli are very durable to cook. There is another big difference: The more the Sweet Potato Vermicelli soaks up, the more it soaks up. It means you start with half a bowl, and after a while it becomes more than half a bowl or even a bowl.
  4. Taste. Chewing Sweet Potato Vermicelli has a sweet taste of sweet potatoes. And after cooked, the Sweet Potato Vermicelli will become powerful and structured.