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How to eat sweet potato noodles in hot pot? Sweet potato noodles are nutritious

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/9.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  At present, most of the noodles on the market are made of starch, without any nutrition. Sweet potato noodles are made of sweet potato. They are not rotten, fragrant and delicious, and have various practices. They are people's favorite food. When people eat hot pot, they often order noodles. How to identify the really healthy and nutritious sweet potato noodles?

  First look at the color, the color difference of sweet potato sticks is very obvious, the yellow, blue and white of the sticks are transparent, these are real sweet potato sticks. Some people think that the black of the sticks is real, in fact, the black is because some people do not want to throw away the dried sweet potato produced in the production process, and mix it in the sticks, so it becomes black.

  We usually cook it for 15 to 30 minutes when eating hot pot noodles. If the time is too long, the noodles will absorb more water, and the taste will get worse. Sweet potato noodles are very easy-going food, which can be matched with many foods, so they become the best in hot pot.