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Key points to be noticed in the production and processing of sweet potato vermicelli

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/6.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  Spicy hot pot, hot pot, and other snacks are popular among young people in the market. Sweet potato noodles are boiling resistant. Because they are smooth in the mouth and mild in texture, people will also choose sweet potato noodles as the ingredients when eating hot pot and spicy hot pot. Such popular sweet potato noodles also have very high requirements for the production process, so it is necessary to make them What are the details? Sweet potato vermicelli manufacturers to share for you!

  First of all, in the selection of raw materials, sweet potato starch used for the processing of vermicelli should be of good color, without impurities such as sediment, powder residue, and mildew.

  1. Sweet potato vermicelli processing equipment factory in processing sweet potato vermicelli machine need not thicken, starch can be processed by adding water into the slurry, and edible oil and salt can be added to the ingredients. The mixing process can be done manually, or by mixing and pulping machine.

  2. In the extrusion molding, first fill the water bath box of the vermicelli machine with water, turn on the electric heater, adjust the temperature controller to the better gelatinization temperature of sweet potato starch, wipe and wash the mincing dragon of the vermicelli machine with a small amount of water and edible oil, and brush the sieve plate with oil. When the water in the water tank reaches the temperature, start the powder machine, add the mixed starch into the hopper, close the regulating rod at the head of the powder machine, make the starch fully mature, then adjust the regulating rod, observe the starch, when it reaches the maturity, install the powder leakage plate, and let the cooked powder extrude under the thrust of the dragon. Notice here: in the process of powder leakage, observe the degree of ripening of starch slurry at any time, and control the speed of powder output by adjusting the rod.

  3. Start heat dissipation and cutting. After the powder is extruded from the sieve plate, turn on the small blower or fan, and the air outlet is facing the sieve plate to reduce the heat of the powder. When the length of the powder strip reaches a certain length, use scissors to cut it off quickly and put it on the wire board.

  4. Cooling and thawing, with natural cooling and cold storage cooling. There are natural thawing and flowing water thawing. The latter produces more beautiful fans.

  5. Drying: the method of drying is natural drying and drying. Generally, natural drying is quite common, but drying is relatively troublesome. A drying room needs to be built, which is just hung up to control water. Don't move around easily, so as to avoid more chips. Spread the chips gently for 20 minutes, occupy the spare position of the chips, and dry about 40-50% When it's dry, gently rub and separate the draw and the lower side of the dough stick, dry to 7-80%, take down the dough stick and change the direction until the moisture content in the dough stick is 14%.