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Production and processing of Yongchang agricultural sweet potato hot and sour powder

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/4.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  The sweet potato hot and sour powder is powerful, because it's smooth, tasty and mild in texture. It also occupies a place in the food industry and deeply loves people's likes. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of technological level, the production of vermicelli is a modern mechanical production through the past manual processing. Using the vermicelli machine to process sweet potato sour and spicy powder with modern technology is suitable for medium and small-scale processing, of course, it can also be used for large-scale processing. The production process is as follows:

  Requirements for raw materials of sweet potato sour and spicy powder processing: sweet potato starch used for processing of vermicelli shall be of good color, free of impurities such as sediment and powder residue, and free of mildew and peculiar smell.

  1. Ingredients: the machine does not need to thicken the sweet potato and hot and sour powder. The starch can be processed by adding water into the slurry. The edible oil and salt can be added to the ingredients. The mixing process can be done manually or by mixing and pulping machine.

  2. Extrusion molding: first, fill the water bath box of the vermicelli machine with water, turn on the electric heater, adjust the temperature controller to the gelatinization temperature of sweet potato starch, wipe and wash the grinding dragon of the vermicelli machine with a small amount of water and edible oil, and brush the sieve plate with oil.

  When the water in the water tank reaches the temperature, start the powder machine, add the mixed starch into the hopper, close the regulating rod at the head of the powder machine, make the starch fully mature, then adjust the regulating rod, observe the starch, when it reaches the maturity, install the powder leakage plate, and let the cooked powder extrude under the thrust of the dragon. Note: in the process of powder leakage, the maturing degree of starch slurry shall be observed at any time, and the speed of powder output shall be controlled by adjusting the rod.

  3. Heat dissipation and shearing: after the powder is extruded from the sieve plate, turn on the small blower or fan, and the air outlet is facing the sieve plate to reduce the heat of the powder. With the continuous extension of the length of the powder strip, when it reaches a certain length, it is necessary to use scissors to quickly cut and put it on the wire board.

  4. Cooling: there are natural cooling and cold storage cooling (freezing at low temperature - 5 ℃ for 12 hours).

  5. Unfreezing: there are natural unfreezing and flowing water unfreezing. The latter produces more beautiful fans.

  6. Drying: there are natural drying (commonly used) and drying drying (to build a drying room, it is troublesome).

  Initial hanging on the shelf to control water, do not move easily, to avoid too many broken. After 20 minutes, gently spread out the powder bar to occupy the spare position of the full powder bar. When the air is 40-50% dry, gently knead and loosen the joint and the lower powder bar to separate them. When drying to 70-80%, remove the powder rod and change the direction until the moisture content in the powder is 14%.

  7. Packaging: the dried powder strips can be cut and packaged, and the finished products can be sold.

  To sum up, the contents mentioned above are related matters shared by Yongchang agriculture - sweet potato and hot and sour powder factory for you. For more information, please contact our official website for details!