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How to identify authentic sweet potato vermicelli

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/3.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  Authentic pure sweet potato vermicelli refers to the vermicelli made of 100% sweet potato starch. First, select high-quality sweet potato to wash and grind it into starch, and then process it into pure sweet potato vermicelli through traditional steps such as filtration, insolation, beating, leakage and insolation. Yuzhou specialty authentic pure sweet potato vermicelli is known for its black color, elasticity, uniform thickness, sufficient pulling force, soft and refreshing food, and chewable tendons.

  How to identify authentic pure sweet potato vermicelli? Here are some simple methods:

  1. Look at the color: the color of the powder strips leaked from the pure sweet potato is darker, and it seems to be black suddenly. The color of the fake pure sweet potato powder strips is yellow or lighter.

  2. Fold by hand: the pure sweet potato powder is made of pure sweet potato starch, which is very crisp after drying, and it will break with a light grasp by hand, and it is not easy to return to the tide after drying; the so-called pure sweet potato powder sold on the market will not break when it is exposed to the sun for 10 days, because they put a kind of edible gum inside.

  3. Smell: soak the vermicelli in hot water for a moment and then smell the smell. The smell and taste of pure sweet potato vermicelli are normal without any peculiar smell, and the water does not change color. Fake or poor quality vermicelli often have mildew, acid and other foreign taste, and the water is easy to change color.

  4. Burning with fire: pure sweet potato sticks will bubble into white ash after burning, while mixed sticks will not bubble into black ash after burning.

  5. The pure sweet potato noodles are crystal clear, vigorous, not easy to boil, smooth in taste, and the ones with poor quality do not have such characteristics.