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The delicious food "hot and sour powder" produced by sweet potato vermicelli is well-known

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/12.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  With the development of modern life, people have the same love for snacks. How about the production method of sweet potato vermicelli? Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the production method of snacks:

  Hot and sour powder is one of the most popular traditional snacks in Sichuan. Because of its low price and good quality, it has been popular for a long time. Hot and sour noodles are mainly processed from sweet potato flour. There are two kinds of hot and sour powder: one is "water powder", which is prepared with sweet potato starch; the other is "dry powder", which is processed into powder strips. Because the hot and sour powder produced by the dry powder strip is simple and convenient, the dry powder production method is generally used. The modulation operation of "gouache" is relatively complex.

  Here is how to make "gouache":

  Raw materials: 5000 g sweet potato starch, 35-40 g alum, 125-130 g thick paste.

  Note that the starch of sweet potato is first dispersed with clear water, then poured in with boiling water, and stirred into a paste shape, commonly known as "thicken the sauce".

  The method is to grind alum into fine powder, add 100g water and mix well to make alum water. Pour the sauce paste into the basin, add the sweet potato starch, 2000g clear water and alum water, and knead into a soft and hard powder for use. Use a large aluminum ladle to make a hole the size of a soybean with a tool, put the dough into the ladle, pat the dough with the palm to make it into a line, leak it into the boiling water pot and heat it, and then pick it into the cold water to bleach and cool it to become "gouache". The preparation of hot and sour powder seasoning and the type of sweet potato pouring: hot and sour powder used for pouring sweet potato is made like noodles pouring sweet potato, mainly including "fat intestine sweet potato", "cold noodles sweet potato", "ribs sweet potato", etc., especially "fat intestine sweet potato". "Feichang Tiao" is divided into "hot and sour Feichang powder" and "original soup Feichang powder", namely, hot and sour taste and salty taste. Pepper, chili oil and scallion are used for seasoning

  With the development of society, many small and medium-sized enterprises have mechanized these processes, saving time and labor. If you need, Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your call!