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What are the nutritional values of pure sweet potato noodles? What about its practice?

source:http://www.foodeverhzc.com/news/11.html Publication time:2020-01-18

  Sweet potato vermicelli is a well-known food material, which is easy to keep and not easy to break. Its nutritional value is also very high. It can maintain and regulate the functions of human body, and its practices are also colorful and diverse. Here is a brief introduction:

  Sweet potato, also known as yam and sweet potato, is rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals, food fiber, etc. Carotene, vitamin B1 and other vitamins in sweet potato are necessary for maintaining human health. The starch in sweet potato is mushy after heating, which makes vitamin C, which is not heat-resistant and soluble in water, well protected. Among them, minerals play a very important role in maintaining and regulating human function; calcium and magnesium can prevent osteoporosis; potassium can reduce blood pressure.

  There are many kinds of vermicelli, such as mung bean vermicelli, pea vermicelli, broad bean vermicelli, konjac vermicelli, but more starch vermicelli. The common vermicelli should be sweet potato vermicelli. The main raw material of sweet potato vermicelli is sweet potato, which has the characteristics of long cooking, delicious fragrance and various eating methods. It is a favorite and common food in most areas of China. It is suitable for hot pot, casserole, powder soup, stewed meat, stir fry, stewed vegetables, etc. it can be eaten after directly cooking the dry powder in the pot for 3-5 minutes. Boil the vermicelli in boiling water for 1-3 minutes, remove the vermicelli, cool the vermicelli with clear water, and mix with vegetable seasoning.