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ADDRESS:Hezhai Economic Development Zone, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

  Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology co. LTD is founded in May, 2014 located at Fengqiu, Xinxiang city, Henan province, China. The company has registered capital of 12 million Yuan. It mainly engaged in sweet potato detoxification cultivation, greenhouse seedling, green planting and deep processing. The main products are Spicy&Sour glass noodles, Paphia undulata flavor glass noodles, Pure sweet potato vermicelli, Sweet potato compound noodles, Vermicelli, Instant glass/crystal noodles, Instant sweet potato compound noodles, Sweet potato vermicelli cake and Sweet potato compound noodles cake.

  The company has 366 staff, including 35 middle and senior technical and managerial person. Total land coverage is 55 thousand square meters. And total construction area is about 32 thousand square meters. It is equipped with 13 product line, and 7 cold storage. The annual production capacity of refined starch 18,000 tons, vermilion 12,000 tons. Annual value of production is about 22 million dollars.

  The company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and operates in accordance with the modern enterprise management mode, with production department, sales department, management department and finance department.

  The production department is responsible for making production plans, implementing production tasks, ensuring safety in production and ensuring product quality.

  The sales department is responsible for making sales plans, implementing sales tasks, establishing sales network, making customer return visits, collecting and sorting out product and market information. Henan Foodever Trading Co.,Ltd. is administered specially for developing oversea market.

  The management department is responsible for the formulation and implementation of various rules and regulations, staff management and training, new product development and coordination among departments.

  The finance department is responsible for the planning and implementation of the use of funds, cost accounting and control, and sales statistics, providing accurate data for the decision-making of the leadership.

  Sweet potato and its products are rich in a variety of trace elements, not only is a world recognized as a precious green nutrition health food, or cheap "bioenergy", "environmental food", is not set up in the world trade green barriers of the farm products.

  With the progress of the society and the development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. They are not only satisfied with the goal of eating meat, but also pay more and more attention to nutrition and health.

  Because of its high nutritional value, potato is called "the seventh nutrient" by the world health organization and praised by nutritionists as "the green food with balanced nutrition".

  Sweet potato and its products are rich in materials, all parts of our country have the traditional habit of eating sweet potato products, the traditional sweet potato products such as noodles, fans have always occupied a stable share in the market, enduring, good product sales market, the development of sweet potato series products market prospects.

  Company with excellent industry electric control, control the level of sweet potato processing equipment and technology, its outstanding characteristic is: high starch extraction yield, good quality, low water consumption, less operators, advanced technological process, adopts the closed pipeline production and new electric control, automatic control, automatic control system of continuous production and processing, and product contact parts of the equipment, all made of stainless steel, ensure the product clean pollution-free, completely accord with national food health indicators.

  The raw materials are pure sweet potato starch and water, and the new assured food technology without alum, sulfur and additives is adopted: raw starch screening → slurry * → forming → cooling → freezing → thawing → drying → packaging (in which "*" is the key control process).

  Avoid the hazards and pollution of aluminum and sulfur dioxide, product health and safety.

  "He zhai village", "he zhai" brand pure sweet potato noodles, fans not only have the unique nutritional value and health care functions of potato food, but also have good chewing resistance and water complex, long bubble not muddy soup, continuous strip, the appearance of bright, crystal clear, known as the "glass noodles".

  This product belongs to the assured green food, the original ingredients are pure sweet potato starch and water, without additives, the production technology is advanced, compared with the traditional handmade products safety and health, taste better, has a larger market potential.

  People in most areas of China have the traditional habit of eating vermicelli, vermicelli sales market is huge, pure sweet potato vermicelli more popular with consumers, currently in short supply.

  The company will adhere to the development direction of agricultural products intensive processing, constantly increase the input in information, intelligent construction and technology research and development, from the traditional food processing industry to information, intelligent processing enterprises.

  We will accelerate the development of instant noodles, instant sweet potato chips, sweet potato vinegar and other new products, continue to enrich the variety of sweet potato products, and constantly increase the added value of products.

  Adhering to the supreme, the prestige supreme, the high quality low price, the customer supreme "business purpose, to make the sweet potato processing industry bigger and stronger, so that the company continues to grow, become the starch products industry leader.